aerosol fire suppression system generator mini fire extinguisher

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                 Product Name:Aerosol fire extinguisher aerosol fire suppression systems

                Aerosol fire extinguisher agent: 750g
                cover area(protected area):7.5m3
                discharging time:14 seconds
                Product Size:dia168x205mm
                Equipment Weight: 5.4kgs
                Extinguishing Time:no more than 30 Seconds
                Life-span:10-15 years
                Fire extinguishing type, A, B, C, E ,F 




                1. Self-starting as detected the fire (completely automatic,no need manual)

                2. Put out the initial fire rapidly effectively to avoid fire hazard (extinguish fire within seconds)

                3. The fire extinguisher will release a gaseous aerosol pure Clean, Non-Toxic,No harm to human body
                4. Most advanced aerosol fire extinguishing technology, Sr series.
                5. No residue left after fire extinguishing, the aerosol gaseous will vanish rapidly, no need any cleaning in the protection area.
                6. Low temperature, during whole fire extinguishing , the extinguisher shell temperature less than 49 ℃.
                7. No harm to protecting area( precise instrument,electric wire,pharmaceutical、food processing...)like other traditional fire extinguishers.
                8. Easy Install
                9. Completely safe
                10. Suitable to used in a wide range of industries fire protection

                CleanSol Mini  Aerosol Fire Extinguisher and fire suppression systems for a wide range of industry application:

                · Electric Control Cabinet
                · Vehicle fire protection
                · Wind turbine generator
                · Cable trench
                · Cable trough
                · Switch gear enclosures
                · Electrical cabinets and rooms
                · Control rooms
                · Generator rooms
                · Wind turbine nacelles and power rooms
                · Flammable liquid storage areas
                · Turbine and generator enclosures
                · Marine engine rooms and machinery spaces
                · Power plants
                · Boats、Oscar、Submarine
                · Engine compartments
                · Elevator machine room
                · Chemical storage
                · Pharmaceutical plants
                · Robots
                · Food processing
                · High value mobile machinery
                · Hazmat storage                                                      
                ·  New Energy Power Vehicle Batter Box
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