• aerosol fire suppression system generator mini fire extinguisher2017-06-11

                  Product Name:Aerosol fire extinguisher aerosol fire suppression systems QH-750E Aerosol fire extinguisher agent: 750g cover area(protected area):7.5m3 discharging time:14 seconds Product Size:dia168x205mm Equipment Weight: 5.4kgs Extinguish…

                • Constant efforts to build environmentally friendly green energy2014-01-27

                  According to relevant statistics, in 2012 , Shijiazhuang City, the vehicle population over 3 million , representing an increase of 600,000 in 2011 . Occurrence rate of vehicle fires also increased year by year , according to statistics 105…

                • Jiangxi governance provisions combined Fire Safety2014-01-27

                  January to August , the dead man Jiangxi combination places the number of fires and the number of deaths accounted for 23.5% and 33.3 % of the total number of people killed in the fire and the number of dead . These places of residence and…

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